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Fletcher and Rachel Remember Rocko's Modern Life

Sort of.

Hobbit Disco
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To whom it mnay concern:

We love Rocko's Modern Life, but haven't seen it since we were nine. Actually, it was kind of scary. So, we made a LiveJournal in which to remember its glory and purge our fears.
australia, being on strike, being raised by wolves, cat girlfriend dentists, comic stores (we think), conglomo, couches, cow best friends, deportation, fishsticks, garbage day, gas caps, hawaiian shirts, heffer, houses, living in houses, modern life, nicktoons, not having a father, paranoid turtles, playing your own liver, r-e-c-y-c-l-e, rocko, rocko's dog, rocko's modern life, scary details, snow, stupid cows, the bigheads, thin plots, turning the page, tvs, wallabies, washing your hands, watching tv